About Us

Why Are we?

Epsilon International is a UK based student consultancy firm focused on proper grooming and guiding of a student throughout the journey of his/her admission process and preparation for any renowned educational institutions in the UK. From educational guidelines to formal arrangements, we provide experts’ opinion and suggestions on every level of the admission process.

We have proper communication and understanding with all the renowned universities/colleges/schools in the UK. Thus, we offer a wide range of choices for selecting suitable courses of study, fees, locations respective of student’s merit, result, financial ability and their language ability. We are trying to deliver an excellent service together with a sense of friendliness, dynamic, energetic, unique as well as informative.

We do not compromise with quality. It is our prime concern to make sure that our students are getting the best directions and guidelines that they need. We are here for everything a student might require to pursue his/her study in the UK.

What Are Our Services?

ILETS Preparation course

PTE Preparation course

OET Preparation course

Credit Transfer Facilities

Admission guidelines to foreign universities

Spot Admission Facilities

Financial Advice

Pre-departure Guiding

Scholarship Information

Air Ticketing

Acomodation & Airport Pick Up